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Since our inception, Ming Toi Ng & Kim Ng
has been totally focused on building a strategic, quality, effective cost control film production practice.

New Treasurer Films Co. was established at the start of 1970 by Mr. Ming-Toi Ng. For the past 40 years, it has ceaselessly been active in the production and participation of close to 100 feature films, television productions, and commercials. Ever since its beginnings, New Treasurer Pictures has produced and developed Chinese-language movies and television shows for the entire world, including Canada and the US, Australia and New Zealand, Hong Kong and China, as well as the rest of Southeast Asia.  In order to keep up with the changing market, we have, for the past 20-plus years, been gradually expanding our film, television, and related entertainment resources inside of mainland China.


Through tireless struggle and effort, we have been able to establish an outstanding domestic market experience, contact network, and business channels in order to prepare the best possible environment to bring more and better China-Hong Kong producitons to meet the market's demands and myriad, ever-changing challenges.



Ming Toi, Ng

Even as a child, Ming-Toi Ng (professional name Ming-Choi Ng) was involved in the entertainment industry, entering at only 8 years of age, when he was first taken as a disciple of Master Yu Zhan-Yuan for Beijing opera and Wushu, becoming also the “eldest brother” of the celebrated Hong Kong movie martial arts Yuan family and its “Seven Little Fortunes”.  By 20, he was performing duties as actor, martial arts teacher, and fight choreographer before being impressing internationally renowned director King Wu, who let him follow along and learn the business of movie production.  Among the features that he participated in are The Valiant Ones, Legend of the Mountain, Raining of the Mountain, and Painted Skin.

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